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This site has only a few incoming links on the topics of Computers programming, languages and internet. Their topics in particular are PHP and mysql, with a little javascript and database thrown in.

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Why Traditional PHP, MySQL, and JS are Becoming Obsolete

no_more_php_mysqlSince the dawn of the internet as a mainstream tool, dynamic websites have long been constructed using PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript (JS). While these were useful for a time, today’s media-rich websites are increasingly demanding more to develop some of the most cutting-edgedislike_button web applications. New sets of web standards like HTML5, Ruby on Rails, and Node.JS are increasingly starting to dominate the web development scene. As time goes on, these tools and others will only continue to advance the sunset of these antiquated paradigms we have been using for over a decade. However, there are still thousands of complacent web developers who fail to understand the advantages of these new protocols, which has slowed advancement to date. As time goes on, the reasons below will gradually make PHP, MySQL, and basic JS even more obsolete.

Problems with JavaScript

When the internet first emerged, all webpages were static. As time went on, developers immediately saw how DOM’s could be dynamically constructed server side and then relayed to the user. However, this would result in a static file with no animations, rollover effects, or other advanced features. Therefore, browsers increasingly supported JavaScript as a makeshift way of overcoming some of these difficulties. However, JavaScript was never really intended for web applications and was consequently resource intensive, error-prone, and full of nasty vulnerabilities for malicious hackers to exploit. As a result, jQuery is increasingly being used as a toolkit to make JavaScript for web applications much more secure, faster, and easier to develop. Under the leadership of Lars Bak, the V8 JS library, which eventually became Node.JS, has led further advancements in this supplemental technology. Through these advancements, client-side JavaScript by itself is increasingly becoming obsolete. php sucksAdditionally, many of JavaScript’s former functionalities are being replaced by HTML5 and CSS3.

Problems with PHP

While PHP has been widely used for years for server-side applications, its limitations have always made it difficult to work with. Since it cannot work client-side, web developers are forced to learn several programming languages and utilize intermediary applications in order to make use of it. After the release of Ruby on Rails, the usage of PHP for high-end applications has become increasingly less common. While PHP is relatively simple to use, its limited function library makes applications harder to develop than with Ruby. Additionally, web developers are increasingly looking to develop their server-side applications with server-side JavaScript, made possible by derivative works from the V8 library.

Problems with MySQL

While storing information with MySQL is relatively mysqlsimple, it has scalability issues for massive web applications. However, its ease of use and widespread adoption still make it more common than primitive file storage means such as storing information in flat files. This has mostly been driven by the widespread proliferation of popular CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla!, which are highly dependent on the technology. As more advanced CMS systems and “website builders” become more common among general small business users, the demand for applications dependent on MySQL with wane over time as developers move away from dependence on the traditional LAMP stack.


Which is the most fantastic language that could last for long among PHP, MYSQL, and JavaScript?

php_mysql_developmentWith the increased use of the internet, websites have become a very important part of businesses all over the world. Nowadays for the most dynamic and robust sites or website applications, the most powerful tools remain PHP and MYSQL, they are handy and the best website development e-book-php-and-mysql-for-dummies-second-edition-mar200-1-728languages. When PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, and other languages are compared PHP and MYSQL are found to be the most fantastic languages. With PHP as the server side programming language and MYSQL the open source database management systems, they make the best combination and will proffer highly distinct solutions. If you doubt this, read on to find other reasons why these programming are the best, will last forever and surpass other programming languages.

Open source benefits of PHP and MYSQL

The benefits that come with open source coding are multifarious. The primary advantage is in their reliability. PHP uses an open source coding, it has been checked, rechecked and used by millions of people all over the world and found reliable. PHP and MYSQL have also been tested and improved over the years when problems arise. Unlike other languages, in case of any problems, they are also easy to change. Other advantages one could realize with open source software are existing code libraries, a wide support community and the easy availability of the source code.

Popular websites use PHP and MYSQL

yahoo google facebook twitter wikipedia youtube
One reason why PHP and MYSQL are here to stay is that they are popularly used on popular companies. The most popular and most successful sites use these programming languages. Some websites that are constructed with PHP and MYSQL web development include Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo etc.

Larger pool of developers

PHP and MYSQL will definitely last forever as it has a larger pool of developers compared to other platforms like JavaScript. PHP skills are also readily available and less expensive. More people increase their knowledge on these languages daily. This will therefore mean a significant pool of website developers for anyone that would like to develop sites for their business. PHP and MYSQL will make a quick and cheap technology with standard tasks and small projects for your business.

Portability with multiple operating systems and servers

The other reason why popularity of PHP and MYSQL grows daily is because it is compatible with several servers and operating systems. Portability being one of the primary concerns for business, PHP will solve this portability issue through use of one or more operating systems.

Cost effective option

PHP and MYSQL are a fantastic option for businesses. Unlike JavaScript they are cost effective and never cost much a dime. With a free license, you will be sure to never pay any extra amount for website development. Furthermore, PHP and MYSQL combination runs perfectly well with low end hardware and low affordable costs.


IF you would like to add dynamic unique content to your webpages, you have to consider using PHP and MYSQL. For someone that would like to learn these programming languages, they will find it very easy to learn. Once you learn it, you will be able to integrate it across various software programs and several platforms. PHP and MYSQL therefore surpass other program languages; they are easy to use fantastic and will last forever.