masthead was a website creation company, whose own website expired in 2012. title.cmsCustom Web Development Experts, they were. In Peterborough, Ontario. Back then, MyCMS was a successful Content Management System. (This proceeded the dominance of WordPress.) It had editors, plugins, some Search Engine Optimization.

Megan Megan
So if this company doesn’t make websites anymore, why is this webpage showing up again now?

Derek Derek
I have no idea.


web developmentThere is need for all computer programmers, application developers, soft-ware engineers, game developers, website coders and all other computer technologists to appreciate that times have changed and what used to keep one in business yesterday might not make a dime today. This is because the industry of IT is rapidly changing and to cope with the latest demands of the market (which has too gone global as people worldwide are turning to online opportunities), there is need to come up with solutions which are tailored to meet the needs of the users.

Tyler Tyler
It is not business as usual.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Maybe I’m a living proof. I almost choked from the old stuff.


web designThis means adapting methods, formulaes, procedures and technologies which are the latest in the market and they too need to be reviewed and updated from time to time so that they can still serve the growing demands with minimal failures.

Jessica Jessica
What are those technologies, smart phones?

Hector Hector
Invading the moon and stuffing it with oxygen.

Brittany Brittany
Maybe it something like nano technology.

On this website which is still under-construction, I will be posting stuff about the latest technologies in the IT world as well as improvements which take place in different IT fields or those which need to be advanced if at all the demands of technology by humans will be matched.